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Hi, I am Camerman Mike.  When I was a teenager there was a darkroom in the foster home I was placed in and I took to it fast. (That and tennis kept me out of trouble. Or should I say MORE trouble! LOL!) I started to take pictures in high school for the school newspaper and then worked shooting for the local weekly paper after school. In school I was called "Camerman Mike" since I always had a camera in my hand. The fun days of running around with a scanner and waiting for excitement to happen. I worked in camera shops and photo labs while freelancing side jobs, eventually opening a camera store and minilab with a friend.  As the daily photo lab roll disappeared due to digital cameras we went bust. 

-- A year later I opened a retail consignment shop and ebay drop off location with my wife Linda (above). After 16 years we closed the shop to work from home. Revenues were fading fast as clothing values dropped and buying habits shifted away from brick-n-mortar to the internet. (Yet retail rents keep rising?)

 -- I have always dabbled in used cameras since high school. Just a way to get new gear to play with and make a little side money. For many years before I opened the camera shop I made a side living dragging bins of cameras, lenses, and accessories around the tri-state area selling at weekend camera swaps. I drove around all week buying up cameras from pawn shops, camera stores and ads in the paper. 

 -- Now I am trying to give back with what I know. 
I am collecting camera donations for two great causes I am fond of. 

 -- First is the Phoenixville Police Athletic League. My youngest stepson went through the boxing program when it started. I have volunteered photo services to PAL and designed and ran their first website. This is the best local organization in town. Check them out at Phoenixville

  -- You can also set a portion of your personal ebay sales to help PAL. I registered them with ebay giving works. So all you have to do when you list an item is pick them from the donor list to give all or part of the sale to a great cause. 

  -- The second cause I support is Life Set Network. It is set up like a registry for foster youth that need support to help them succeed in school and or offer mentorship. I remember how hard it was to stay afloat when I aged out of the system. And feeling all alone about it. No longer a ward of the state one day, your just told to go, your on your own. 

 -- So any camera equipment donated will be sold and and proceeds split between the two non-profits above. Thank you for your support.

You can send to us at:
Camerman Mike
NBPhoto Suite #894
Frazer PA 19355-0920

If you want to send pictures first, email to:

I will be setting up an official cameraman mike website soon.

My contributed guest blog post:  rough road to success.


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Charmingly Lindas Quality Consignments & Ebay Listing Services. Philadelphia Consignment Shop, Frazer PA (610)640-1220We Recycle.

Charmingly Lindas Quality Consignments & Ebay Listing Services. Philadelphia Consignment Shop, Frazer PA (610)640-1220

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